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How do I appraise my item?

There are several factors and circumstances that should be considered when estimating an object. Our specialists consider quality, but also supply and demand. Different approaches are employed in investigating an object depending on its category. Generally speaking, we use three basic concepts: object, material and condition.

Object: We analyze the object in terms of composition, execution, etc. We try to identify the artist, their signature, style and expression, etc. How the subject is positioned in its social context, its provenance, etc.

Material: We assess the condition of the object in terms of its material, paint layers and support material, such as if it is silver or nickel silvers, painting on canvas or wood panel etc.

Condition: During examination we inspect the condition of the object. Whether there is previous damage, restoration, wear etc. and how this affects the whole object.
These elements, together with former national and international prices is what determines the value. Our ambition is always to perform an accurate valuation.


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