Minimum bid price

Hi, i placed a bid for an item but it says the minimum bid price is not met. What happens next? Am i able to find out what the minimum price is and bid that? Thank you.


  • Hi,
    The minimum price is not official, but you will see when it has been met on the website. If the minimum price is not met, the item will be unsold and probably published again in a day or two.
  • CAN YOU PLEASE TELL ME WHEN  1234799 (2 CHAIRS) will be relisted and what the minimum will be so I can rebid?
    Bonnie Madigan
  • Dear Bonnie Madigan

    The two chairs will be relisted at the end of next week. We can not tell you the
    minimum price, but it normally some where between 80% of the estimate.

    Mats Åkerberg

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